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Why I'm Here (and not somewhere else)*

Kaley Wendorf
Historically, I've posted about professional pursuits on LinkedIn, personal updates on Instagram, boxing on a separate coaching IG, and music on Bandcamp, YouTube, TikTok, and music-specific IG accounts. I'm trying to bring all of that under one roof to better update the wonderful humans in my life about the journey. 

Next year (how is it already 2023?!), I'm really excited about releasing new music, getting my startup (ALEYE Health) off the ground, continuing to help people get and stay healthy through boxing, and graduating from Booth with my MBA. 

It's super important me as an artist (and, increasingly, in other areas of life as well) to have control over who I'm reaching. Relying on social media platforms to be the primary way to access fans and friends seems riskier with so much tumult around TikTok and Twitter. So, I'm trying out Postcard as a simple way to stay connected to the people I care about. Here's to trying new things! (and blogs making a comeback?!?!)

*this is only funny for the .000001% of the population that went to Booth but your girl loves a good callback even if it's niche af